dezembro 19, 2004

LIBERDADE RELIGIOSA. Muita gente vai achar estranho, mas «Turkey's imams predict more freedom of worship – thanks to the EU». Mais:
«Mullahs have no chance to write and deliver impassioned speeches to the faithful at Friday prayers because the Chief Mufti of Istanbul faxes out the sermon, which must be delivered in identical form across the country. Yet this tight grip on religion jars with Western, and EU, concepts of religious freedom. As a result, Turkey's Islamists believe that membership will allow them greater freedom to worship as they like. "In Turkey there are higher powers that answer to Jewish and American controllers which do not allow the government to grant us these freedoms. We have been controlled for far too long."»
A reportagem vem no Telegraph, onde podemos escutar o imã Muzzaffer Gecgel:
«Turkish people in my position want to be in Europe because it will mean greater liberty for us.»
Esta ideia de «greater liberty for us» tem que se lhe diga. Quanto aos «impassioned speeches to the faithful at Friday», idem.